Lost City
A superior concept  !
The closest you may get to living to the Galapagos Islands
Ciudad Perdida:  Living community and Club
Your base camp for your local and regional travels
Ciudad Perdida Club (Lost City Club) is an exclusive, eco friendly real estate development, the best combination possible between nature and comfort. It is an exclusive living community, USA, Canadians and EU citizens oriented (but not limited to), composed of a residential area with a fine mix of departments and urbanized housing parcels for sale; a private club with first class facilities plus an executive standard golf course; a light commercial center (Downtown) with “one stop shopping” and a 5 star plus hotel.

Its development is initially projected over a plot of flat land that stretches approximately 268 acres situated in front of the sea.  The urbanization is meant to be surrounded by abundant nature, tropical vegetation, wildlife and an unbeatable climate. Safe, fun, eco-friendly, low population density neighborhoods, modern, comfortable, exclusive, stress and pollution free. 

The "IN" place everybody wants to be part of; unfortunately, there is no space for everyone but just for the first few visionaries to come. After all, having the Galápagos Islands in your neighborhood is a real royal privilege.
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